“It doesn`t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Steve Jobs.

Markus Renz,

Managing Director

1980, Markus Renz was born in East Friesland. His career started when he was studying in Berlin, afterwards, he worked in the Volksbank Berlin and then in the German staffing service. Here, at the world market leader, he was able to collect about 15 years of experience in certain areas of personnel recruitment, temporary work and outsourcing.
Since 2018 Markus Renz supports many personnel recruiters from the eastern European countries as well as some providers from different personnel recruitments in Germany and German companies concerning the topic “find employees, integrate them and bind them.”

Clemens Koch,

Head of Communication

1962, Clemens Koch was born in Bremen. He learned the work in an advertising company from the bottom up and later studied business administration in Pforzheim. Afterwards, he started to work in dialog marketing and discovered the implementation of advertising and communications possibilities concerning the motto “Dialogue instead of monologue”. Today he is known as a media expert and achieves the use of the One-to-One Dialogue successfully to recruit new staff – day by day.

Our clients are well- known companies from the automotive sector in Germany and other sectors, large and small personnel service providers as well as recruiters – nationwide and in foreign countries.

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